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Real estate prices in Los Angeles are through the roof, so you couldn't possibly need any help unloading your place, right? WRONG! With the recession and subprime mortgage crisis still affecting the North American market, prices are down in L.A. and all across the country. That means you've got competition - not just from other Los Angeles homeowners but also from the developers of Mississauga homes and landlords who rent apartments in Austin, because relocation is an option, now more than ever. How can you rise above the clamor? Follow our advice!

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Spruce Up

Would you buy a home in Los Angeles with scratched up floors and chipped woodworking if you know you could get brand new homes for sale in Lorne Park Toronto for the same price as the L.A. home? No! And neither will your buyers. So go over your house with a fine toothed comb. Anything that snags gets fixed, no exceptions. That includes roof leaks, paint jobs, floors, exterior landscaping, and fixtures.

Price Fairly

Buyers look at purchasing a home the same way they look at buying condos - with a critical eye. Underpricing your home might bring buyers in, but it probably won't get you the offers you were hoping for since buyers will assume there's something wrong that you're not telling them. Meanwhile overpricing will scare off buyers on a budget and anger the savvy searchers who don't like being manipulated.

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Once upon a time, staging was just something movie makers did to make sets stand in for real houses. Today it's a widespread technique used on everything from a Riverdale, Toronto house for sale to a developer's show home to make things look both nice and open for interpretation. The aim: to aid a buyer as he or she visualizes him or herself living in the home. So out with the old eclectic furniture and decor and in with the bland and modern replacement rentals.

Advertise Advertise Advertise

You can't expect to get offers on a house no one knows is for sale, and these days putting a sign on your lawn just isn't going to cut it. To get the jump on the competition, use the same methods realtors use to move Leaside real estate: print ads in the newspaper and real estate supplement, listings online in the Multiple Listings Service, and open houses with free food. It gets them every time.

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